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Why are avatars used for training?

Besides the cost benefits of using avatars versus multiple performers, the use of avatars diverts a participant’s unconscious bias away from the performer and towards the fictional character in the scenario being portrayed. It’s psychologically easier to accept the identity of a fictional avatar than that of a person perceived as a performer.

How does Emotional Intelligence training help with retention?

Emotional Intelligence training helps with retention by allowing employees to realize, through the scenarios we create, that their voices are being heard and understood.

Why can’t we use our own people to role play?

First, the best learning occurs when problem-solving and applying learned skills under stress because high stakes drive performance. When participants know the true identity of the other role player or avatar, the suspension of disbelief is lost, and the scenario is no longer taken seriously. Our performers are impartial and have no personal connection to your organization, which preserves the necessary variables for a realistic experience.

The second point is that a trained professional understands how to authentically and strategically perform the scenario, effectively achieving the specific objectives. They go beyond mere “pretending” and embody the role.

Serving those who serve the nation

Nothing teaches like experience. The realistic nature of the virtual challenges posed in the sessions was exceptional.


Even when I wasn’t in the “participant seat”, I still gained valuable insight and perspective from observing my peers and being able to provide feedback on how I would or wouldn’t have handled a situation differently.

This was impressive and gave students an observer role on how other leaders handle hard situations while allowing them to receive immediate feedback from their peers.

Observing these scenarios made me think about how I would handle the situation and gave me future options and ideas on how to approach these scenarios.

THIS WAS AMAZING!!! Great for people who only believe that being a supervisor is simple when it’s not. It is really tough to ask those questions and be responsible for another person.

After 37 total years in the military industry, I can honestly say that in terms of training, I can count on one hand the number of truly meaningful classes I have been in. The training you and your organization are providing is included in that group. I honestly believe that with the scenarios you provide and the skill of the actors you employ, your company, above all others, has the potential to make a difference in the lives of our airmen and that is an amazing gift you can provide to our nation.

I learned a lot from this simulation. Events like this would be helpful much earlier in an officer’s career to help them learn how to deal with tough situations and how to give effective feedback.

The Mixed Reality exercise was incredibly helpful. Technology was spot on and the opportunity to practice the “dance” and watch others practice helped build confidence.

The EQ training sessions have truly transformed how our team interacts. It’s remarkable to witness the positive impact it’s having on our dynamics. We’re now equipped with the tools to navigate emotions effectively, leading to improved communication and understanding among team members.

The content was presented live-real time and incorporated us all into the conversation. I found it to be cost-effective, safe, and efficient. The way of the future is here.

The session was an innovative way to see how I would handle a situation with my leadership style and work through a challenging situation.

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